This year, MBHD presents over a dozen confirmed conference speakers including:

Anthony J Ricci, Stanford, USA
Christine Petit, Pasteur Institute, France
Guy Richardson, U of Sussex, UK
Huijun Yuan, PLA General Hospital Beijing, China
James Battey, NIDCD, USA
Jeffrey Holt, Harvard Medical School, USA
Karen B Avraham, Tel Aviv U, Israel
Lawrence Lustig
Marlies Knipper, U of Tuebingen, Germany
Matthew W. Kelley, NIDCD, USA
Michael Snyder, Stanford, USA
Monte Westerfield, U of Oregon, USA
Peter Gillespie, OHSU, USA
Thomas Coate, NIDCD, USA
Thomas Friedman, NIDCD, USA
Tobias Moser, U of Goettingen, Germany
Ulrich Mueller, Scripps Research Institute, USA

***For all speakers presenting at MBHD 2013: please be sure to have your presentations in either PPT or Mac Keynote formats for uploading. You are also welcome to use your own computer, but please be sure to bring the appropriate connectors.***