The official language for this conference is English. This program does not offer CME credit.

The downloadable program now contains abstracts for the talks and posters.

Real time captioning for the hard of hearing will be provided for all oral presentations.

***For all speakers presenting at MBHD 2013: please be sure to have your presentations in either PPT or Mac Keynote formats for uploading. You are also welcome to use your own computer, but please be sure to bring the appropriate connectors.***

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Saturday, June 22
3:00 – 5:30 PM Registration
4:00 PM Welcome Reception
5:00 PM Opening Keynote: A bright future for research on communication and communication disorders, James F. Battey Jr
6:00 PM Adjourn


Sunday, June 23
8:00 AM Registration and Breakfast
8:55 AM Welcome to Stanford School of Medicine, Lloyd Minor
9:00 AM Keynote: Genomics for personalized medicine and human health, Michael Snyder
9:30 AM Genetic testing for deafness: The future is now,
Richard JH Smith
9:45 AM Identification of the gene causing nonsyndromic deafness DFNB86, Atteeq Rehman
10:00 AM “A complex strategy for complex traits”: identification of new genes involved in hearing function and age-related hearing loss, Giorgia Girotto
10:15 AM How much of nonsyndromic deafness is actually syndromic?, Thomas B Friedman
10:30 AM Break & Posters – Group 1
11:00 AM Targeted exon capture and massive parallel sequencing identifies the mutated genes in Chinese deaf families, Huijun Yuan
11:15 AM Sound encoding: From molecular physiology to disease and restoration, Tobias Moser
11:30 AM Composition and function of the synaptic ribbon,
Albena Kantardzhieva
11:45 AM Lack of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the cochlea but not in the brain hampers inner hair cell synapse physiology, but protects against noise induced afferent fiber loss, Marlies Knipper
12:00 PM Cochlea spiral ganglion cell degeneration and hearing loss as a consequence of satellite cell death in saposin B KO mice, Lawrence R Lustig
12:15 PM Lunch & Posters – Group 1
1:30 PM The auditory hair bundle: genetics as a gateway to the understanding of its multifaceted properties, Christine Petit
1:45 PM The mechanotransduction machinery of hair cells,
Ulrich Mueller
2:00 PM Hair cell mechanotransducer adaptation is not driven by calcium entry in mammalian auditory hair cells, Anthony J Ricci
2:15 PM The function of transmembrane channel-like genes 1 and 2 in mammalian hair cell mechanotransduction,
Jeffrey R Holt
2:30 PM The role of transmembrane channel-like proteins in cochlear hair cell transduction, Robert Fettiplace
2:45 PM FGFR1 signalling assembles a kinocilia-specific transport particle to traffic protocadherin-15 during inner ear hair cell specialization, Raj K Ladher
3:00 PM Break & Posters – Group 1
3:30 PM Genome-wide association study for age-related hearing loss in the mouse: A meta-analysis, Rick Friedman
3:45 PM Genetic variation in ESRRG is associated with adult hearing status in humans and its targeted deletion causes hearing loss in mice, Lisa S Nolan
4:00 PM Exome sequencing fills missing pieces of the auditory puzzle: implications for deafness, Karen B Avraham
4:15 PM A Y-linked form of hereditary hearing loss in an Italian family, Mariateresa Di Stazio
4:30 PM Mutation of HOMER2 causes autosomal dominant non-syndromic hearing loss, Hela Azaiez
4:45 PM Supporting diagnostics for hearing loss through next-generation sequencing and community data sharing,
Heidi Rehm
5:00 PM Screening strategy for molecular diagnosis of deafness: From social health insurance based screening to massively parallel DNA sequencing, Shin-Ichi Usami
5:15 PM GJB2 testing of infants with sensorineural hearing loss, Mariia Lalayants
5:30 PM Adjourn


Monday, June 24
8:00 AM
8:55 AM
Registration and Breakfast
Organizational announcements
9:00 AM Keynote:  Population genetics in the personal genome era, Carlos D Bustamante
9:30 AM Proteins of the hair bundle, Peter Barr-Gillespie
9:45 AM CLIC5 interacts with taperin at the base of stereocilia,
Inna A Belyantseva
10:00 AM Ectopically expressed Tectb localises to the distal tips of sensory hair bundles, Guy Richardson
10:15 AM Defects in protein complex assembly and ER stress as the proximal cause of Usher Syndrome, Monte Westerfield
10:30 AM Break & Posters – Group 2
11:00 AM Genomic and pharmacological studies suggest multiple roles for Notch signaling in the avian inner ear, Mark Warchol
11:15 AM Notch inhibition generates hair cells in the adult mouse crista, Olivia Bermingham-McDonogh
11:30 AM Single cell transcriptional profiling of native otocyst cells and comparison with in vitro generated murine otic progenitor cells, Robert Durruthy-Durruthy
11:45 AM Morphogen gradients regulate tonotopic identity along the chick basilar papilla, Matthew Kelley
12:00 PM Identification of four novel genome-wide significant loci in sporadic Meniere’s disease, Jose A Lopez-Escamez
12:15 PM Lunch & Posters – Group 2
1:30 PM Sema3f-Nrp2 interactions control spiral ganglion neuron targeting to inner hair cells, Thomas M Coate
1:45 PM Wbp2-deficient mice show progressive high-frequency hearing loss and abnormal cochlear innervation,
Karen Steel
2:00 PM Cochlear gene expression differences in Diap3 (Diaphanous-homolog-3) transgenic mice,
Marci M Lesperance
2:15 PM ErbB signaling within Schwann cells controls quiescence of zebrafish mechanosensory progenitor cells through regulation of Wnt and FGF signaling, Mark Lush
2:30 PM ILDR1 is required for inner ear and neuromast development in zebrafish, Qing Sang
2:45 PM Epigenetic regulation of Atoh1 expression during development and regeneration of the mouse Organ of Corti, Zlatka P. Stojanova
3:00 PM Break & Posters – Group 2
3:30 PM FGF signaling in Muenke syndrome model hearing loss and rescue, Suzanne L Mansour
3:45 PM Concomitant differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into neuron-like cells and schwann cell-like cells in a microfluidic device to develop approaches for functional repair of the inner ear, Kate F Barald
4:00 PM Phage display discovery of rare peptides to support drug transport through the tympanic membrane, Allen Ryan
4:15 PM Gene expression in the postnatal cochlea in hearing and deafened rats, Steven Green
4:30 PM Proteome biology of noise induced hearing loss,
Jeffrey Savas
4:45 PM Neurotrophin gene therapy via electroporation enhances the cochlear implant neural interface, Gary D Housley
5:00 PM In vivo reprogramming of inner border and phalangeal cells to the inner hair cell fate by ectopic Atoh1 expression in the postnatal mouse cochlea, Jian Zuo
5:15 PM Adjourn
6:30 PM Banquet at Cantor Art Museum (Museum opens at 6pm)
9:30 PM Adjourn


Tuesday, June 25
8:00 AM
8:55 AM
Registration and Breakfast
Organizational announcements
9:00 AM The tetraspan TMHS binds PCDH15 and regulates mechanotransduction in cochlear hair cells, Wei Xiong
9:15AM Acf7 is a hair-bundle antecedent, positioned to integrate cuticular plate actin and somatic tubulin, Brian McDermott
9:30 AM Localization of stereocilia proteins by structured illumination microscopy (SIM), Matthew Avenarius
9:45 AM Genetic dissection of the vibratory modes of the organ of Corti using in vivo imaging, John S Oghalai
10:00 AM Ensemble and single molecule kinetics of purified myosin-15 demonstrate it is a bona-fide molecular motor specialized for transport within stereocilia, Jonathan E Bird
10:15 AM Tricellulin integrates bicellular and tricellular tight junctions into a functional complex essential for cochlear hair cell survival, Saima Riazuddin
10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM Expression profiling of FACS-sorted hair cells with deep sequencing leads to the identification of a stereociliary actin-binding protein, Déborah Scheffer
11:15 AM Pitch: A model of sensorineural deafness identifies Neuroplastin as essential for inner hair cell maturation and function, Lea Carrott
11:30 AM Gene expression profiling of young and adult mouse cochlea by RNA-Seq in strains with normal and age-related hearing loss, Anne Giersch
11:45 AM MET channel-independent uptake of aminoglycosides by cochlear hair cells, Hongzhe Li
12:00 PM Following intracellular calcium during aminoglycoside-induced hair cell death, David Raible
12:15 PM
12:30 PM
Business Meeting
Final Adjournment